Sunday, August 10, 2014

We are never bored ............ ..

There is just so much happening all the time. Tired, yes, maybe BORING, but not bored.  I hope you won't be.

During this week, we mostly just tried to keep things running smoothly.  Not always easy, no matter how prepared we try to be, as things happen.  An emergency required the immediate fingerprinting of two missionaries, so that their exit clearances could be arranged. And two others. ill, FINALLY got out of the country, after waiting some weeks.  There always seems to be someone either sick, or in need of extra care.  Two emails this week came from parents, requesting that President "break the news" about a death in the family.

Here are the highlights:

Zone Conference time again.  President decided to do only two sessions this transfer, so we had a big group.  Here we are for the official photo.  When Elder and I got there, they were trying to get it all planned, so that the picture taking would be quick and efficient.  They needed a little help, but the result was good, don't you think?  See how the Sisters are all in the middle, with the Elders all around them?  It is an image that pleases me---Preside, Provide, PROTECT, right?

Since it was the day before school started again, President and Sister invited their children to attend.  They have four, a daughter married in the US, a
daughter on a mission, a daughter 17 (and learning to DRIVE in the Philippines!  Parents of teenagers, you thought you had it rough!).  This is Oliver, he is 7.  As you see, he is a missionary, too.  Well, sort of.  He is Brother, not Elder.  But this is a sacrifice for him, as well.  He is so good, though, and (almost) never complains.   

Elder Schlager had to do some training, but I got to just sit and enjoy the conference.  Some highlights were the testimonies of those leaving soon, and the question and answer time with President.  I learned so much.  

"Obedience brings blessings, and exact obedience brings miracles"  Elder Suarez

"Hard work beats talent, when talent doesn't work HARD."  Elder Tipene

An Amateur practices until he gets it right.  A Professional practices until he can't get it wrong.'  Elder Tipene

 We swam or walked on the treadmill every day, good for us.  And we got to leave early on Friday and have a night out with the Johnsons.  (More Taco Bell, ha ha) On the way back to pick up their car, Elder Schlager turned left in a bad traffic jam, at a corner we have used MANY times, and there was an officer directing traffic.  New Adventure--Elder got his first moving violation in the Philippines!  As it happens, that corner says, NO LEFT TURN, and we never saw it before. OH well.  He was calm, turned over his driver's license.  That is how they get you in to pay--you have to go pick up your license.  The Johnsons were very admiring--he didn't argue or lose his temper or anything.  He just said, "Well, I did it!"  

Binangonan Branch had a busy Saturday, with rehearsals for the Primary Roadshow, and a Teacher Training Meeting, and a baptism.  We were there for the day, driving home in the dark after 9 and thinking, "what are we DOING out here?"  But they do a good job--that was the best Teacher Training meeting I have ever been in, and I taught it for a while.  
See Elder over there, hiding out in his "group"?  That was funny.

Three baptisms that night.  Sister Syrile, 18, Sister Edlyn, 16, and one of my darling little angels from Primary, Sister Judith Medina, 8.  Elder Lucido arrived a month ago, and this was his first baptism. 

On Monday, President received 3 mission calls for the Binangonan Branch.  That is how it is done, here.  They come to him, and are hand delivered.  We thought it would be wonderful to be able to do that, and President asked us to deliver them on Sunday to the Branch President.  President Soriano had them come to the stand, and open them and read them.  It was so wonderful.  They cried.  Here they are, Elder Escalona, to Cagayan de Oro, Elder Nonato, to Bacolod, and Elder Pacia to Butuan.  All will be serving here, in the Philippines, not unusual.  This branch has 8 out now, and these three going.  Also, more in the chute~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~

Another day in primary.  Here is our Primary President, expecting a baby, and  finally feeling well enough to be with us, most of the time.  We are preparing for the Sacrament Meeting Presentation, in Sept, and for the roadshow, two weeks.  Lots to do. It was a GOOD day in Primary.   
After church, we were invited to the office for a birthday celebration for Elder Osores, our TA, and for President Jose, the first counselor in the Mission Presidency.  Sister Revillo invited all the "office staffs", and that includes us. She made a mountain of Pancit, and there were two cakes and ice cream and other treats.  I made fruit salad.   Here I am with her and Sister Jose.  
And here she is with the Elder and with the Joses.  They are simply angels.  I wish you could all know them.  See our little office dinner?    

The Rain stopped, so our floors are dry!  That made a definite difference to my mental health.

It's always more fun in the Philippines!

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