Saturday, August 30, 2014

The Trouble with a blog is 

you are too busy to write, or you don't have anything to write about!  This week, the first is true.  It is after 8 on Sunday Night, we are beat, transfers start tomorrow, and I have so much to share.  

There were two national holidays this week, and another one tomorrow.  Most of the seniors also have those days off, since they work at the PAO, where they are recognized.  But our missionaries don't of course, so we work.  This week though, they planned a senior activity (field trip) on Thursday, and Elder and I decided to take the day off and go.  We went to Tagaytay, in Cavite Mission, to see the volcano.  This is Taal Volcano, the second most active volcano in the Philippines.  (There are 23!)  

24 of us took three vans and drove very comfortbly south for about 2 hours.  There we got out and walked up a hill to a dilapidated sort of place devised from an incomplete mansion that was built during the Marcos era.  He had a crush on Nancy Reagan, and built it for her, when they visited here.  It is said it had a picture of her on every floor.  But now it is a dump, with small shops and viewing areas for the volcano.

We shopped a little bit, lots of Filipino souvenir type stuff, not really nice stuff, and rested a bit.  

You CAN take a boat out to the volcano, and then climb to the top and see the lake inside, with another island in THAT lake.  Too strenuous for this group. though.  
yes, this is another religious icon.  With his back to the water, interestingly~  Not enjoying the view.  

See the volcano on the right, with the smoke coming from it?  
Our first Jeepney ride!  We all climbed into jeepneys to go back down the hill, mostly for the experience, and they charged us P5 each.
Here are Elder and Sister Clements, newly arrived.  She is the mental health adviser.  A big and sometimes heartbreaking assignment.  She serves the entire Philippines Area, not just our mission.  Here is a funny story about them .  They have one good eye between the two of them, but they came, got her a driver's license, and set out on the roads.  First day, they had a minor accident.  She said, NO WAY, they turned in the car and will use taxis from now on.  This is her second mission--she served in Brazil with her late husband.  

Then, on to Sophia's Garden, a Spa down there with real gardens, and a wonderful lunch, all from the fabulous things they raise there.  

Yes, we really WERE there!
Saturday was a big day for our primary.  District Primary activity, The Roadshows.  
Each Primary prepared a story from the Book of Mormon.  Remember I told you we were doing "Samuel the Lamanite"?  With Arrows?

.  Well, here is Samuel on the wall, and there is my primary, shooting arrows and throwing rocks at him.  

 Elder S kindly got a video of our performance.  
Here is what you need to know:  I did not know that there would be a Mary and Joseph walking back and forth in front of the choir.  The children have to have the words in front of them to sing, as they are singing in English and don't speak it that well. So, when you can hear me, not them, it is because Mary and Joseph are between them and the Sister holding up the words for them.  
And, right in the middle of the second verse,  the little guy on the left, scooting around on his fanny, hit and knocked over a table on the stage.  Big crash.

YEP, that's my Primary!

Teresa Primary :  This is Lehi's family on the ship.

And the Title of Liberty, of course.

It was well attended, a good time was had by all, we were 45 minutes late and didn't miss anything, and we got home late that night.

  We don't have a bit of fun over here, you know!

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