Sunday, August 3, 2014

Feeling Better .....

Elder Schlager is feeling much better. WE have been swimming again, and generally things are back to normal. Thank you for your messages of concern.  Although Elder has had a few minor illnesses, I am generally well.  Excepting, of course, a day now and then when I "dance" all day.  I call it the "Filipino Foxtrot".  The people here call it LBM, (you figure it out!)

PS: In listing Elder's "jobs" I missed at least one.

 CAR CZAR: We received a day of training from our legal guy, Elder Olsen. He talked A LOT about cars. (No surprise there!) He said the mission needs a car czar, to keep things in order, educate new drivers, make sure we stay legal, report accidents, etc.. So, the conversation went like this:    

Elder Schlager, would you like to do that?

NO!!  President, would you like to rephrase that?

(Laughing)  Elder Schlager, WILL you do that?

Yes, President.

Elder S and President get along really well.  I think one reason we were assigned to the office was because he enjoys being around my Elder.

He has two big dimples in his cheeks, which we see when he smiles and laughs.  My goal is to see them at least once whenever we see him.  He works SO hard.  He was a very successful businessman before this mission, but Sister Revillo says he NEVER worked this  hard before!

This week we spent a lot of time driving around.  That is because we are not the smartest missionaries on the roster!   We drove over to the Post Office on Tuesday, AFTER being reminded that it was a national holiday.  Closed, of course.  
Then we drove over on Wed, and the gates were down, and it was NOT supposed to be a holiday, but still got no mail.  (I am still not sure if it was closed or we just assumed wrong.)
Anyway, two points for them and none for us. 

 Then, we drove over AGAIN, on Thursday, and finally managed to mail all the letters and packages from our missionaries and pick up the 13 packages that were sent here for them.  The Post Office is not far, in kilometers, but in traffic it can be a really long trip.  I took a few photos this time, so that you can see what I mean about the conditions.  Bear in mind it is open to the air and weather, with no AC or protection from the wind.  It was raining.
See the ceiling?  
There ARE (gray from the pollution) marble floors. (I think.  Maybe tile?)  This is the central Post Office of Quezon City.  They still use ledgers to keep track of the mail and the money, and they use carbon paper.  When did you last use, or even see, carbon paper??

WE also, in the course of these trips, needed to do some shopping for the office, and stopped at a new shopping mall we had not seen before. We had heard a rumor, but did not believe it. Now, this was a red letter week for us.  In all that running around guess what we found?  
Not one, but two   
We didn't want to play favorites, so we ate at both of them.
If you have not been to TACO BELL lately, what are you waiting for???  It tasted exactly like at home, and Yes, they have meals with rice for those who think it isn't a meal without it.  (Any Filipino will tell you, "without rice, it is just a snack.")

One slightly funny story:  As we walked out to go swim this week, there was an unhappy little girl on our floor.  She was (unusually) crying.  She was even less happy when she saw me.  So, as we went down in the elevator,Elder said, I don't think it would be easy to raise kids in a high rise like this. There is no place for them to ...............before he could finish the word, "Play", we went into the garage we walk through, and here came a little boy on a brand new bike with training wheels, really tearing it up!   He was having so much fun, we clapped and cheered for him..  I think children ALWAYS find a way to play!

It is raining every day, now, and the world is much prettier than it has been. (Of course, our floors are wet!)  
We were well trained in the PNW,  If you don't do it in the rain, you don't do it!  We walked one night in the rain, and swam one morning in the rain!  (Heavy rain- not Northwest drizzle!)
THREE stories from this week:

We were driving on the main highway to work, and saw these two young boys running behind this jeepney as it pulled away from the curb.  They jumped on and hid from the driver so as not be charged for the ride.  We see this quite often. many times on trucks on the road.
 And, we had to meet a member from Teresa to take care of some business for the Jensens.  He told us about a newer member family out there who had a new baby this week.  Things went badly, she had to have a cesarean.  That was a problem---no money.  Everyone who could is helping, but here, they don't let you leave the hospital until the bill is paid.  ????? As of today, still not sure if she can go home to her other 7 children!  He said, " they CAN go to the state hospital, but nobody does.  You go in sick, and you come out dead!" 

And I have to share a really happy moment this week.  I went in to the office and found this on my computer:   I didn't even know you can DO electronic sticky notes!

At 66, not many people (including you, sometimes) think you have very much left to offer!  How nice it is to be needed and appreciated!

We get pretty tired.  Yesterday we stayed at home, walked on the treadmill, took a swim, did laundry, cooked, studied, and prepared.  Went to bed at about 8:30. Sound asleep.  
9:30 pm, my phone rings, and it is a missionary wanting to know when he can get his chest X-ray.  (Sister, are you still awake?)  Well, I am NOW!.   

Then it rings again, (We lost the referral you sent.  Will you send it again?)  Goodnight, Elders!

Today, I slept TO church, DURING church, FROM church, and AFTER church.  

Gotta love the Philippines!  

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