Saturday, August 31, 2013

August 26 to 31

Thanks to the efforts of many friends, we made it to the MTC as scheduled. This was sort of a miracle!  When we received our call to the Philippines, we were very surprised to have only 35 days until we were to report. 
 There were 22 couples in our MTC class, about 70 % of us going out of the country.  None of us came from overseas, but our missions cover MLS missions, office missions, visitor's centers, Nauvoo, and even public affairs in Hong Kong and Japan.  I am so glad to not be going the last three places!
Of course, we took the traditional MTC photo of companions pointing to their destination.  The ones we took for the young missionaries were MUCH better and prettier.  I guess they did the best they could with ours.
Our District during Preach My Gospel Training.  From left:  Sister Bateman, Elder and Sister Leishman, Elder and Sister Schlager, and Elder and Sister Caycayon.  Elder Schlager was our District Leader.  Sister Bateman was our awesome morning instructor.  The young teachers at the MTC are incredible.  If nothing else there was a testimony that this is the Lord's work, they alone would seal it for you.  These (!) are the future leaders of the Lord's church, and they wear the responsibility with grace and strength.  We adored them all.
We also grew to love our district.  We worked hard together, and we supported and lifted each other.  The Caycayons are from Hawaii, and will be serving in another mission in the Philippines.  The Leishmnans are recently moved to St. George, and will live in their own home and serve at the 4 visitor's centers there. 
Next week, office training.