Saturday, February 15, 2014

Small disclaimer: Google Translate has decided to translate my blog. So, when i type it makes corrections to my wording, grammar, and punctuation. And it is very hard to correct it back. So, I am not responsible for errors.!

WE started our day with a walk and breakfast out. There is a place in the mall that we pass all the time, Called Slappy Cakes. We never went in, and I thought it was another bakery. But on our way to McDonald's we passed it and looked at the menu. Turns out, THEY DO Breakfast all day, and Hot Cakes are THEIR specialty. Every table has a griddle in the middle, and you order a squeeze bottle full of Several choices of batter, and then toppings, etc. . similar to ordering toppings for ice cream. We chose NOT to cook that day, but maybe next time. Looked fun. Elder is a happy camper here, see? He had the best breakfast since leaving the states.  

I had the BEST french toast, with real bacon and hash browns. Yummy. Unfortunately, They were out of Hot Chocolate, and the milk we ordered was made from powdered.  
Gotta love the Philippines!

Squirrels,  and 

Rats, and Bedbugs, OH MY!

This has turned out to be a funny week. We were not as busy as we have been. Things seem to sort of calm down after transfers, When everyone has finally settled into their new assignment and gone to work. But first, we got numerous orders for Permethrin, the poison we use for insects, and also for mouse traps and rat poison. Mouse traps do not seem to be an item that you can buy here.  

FUNNY STORY: After we searched almost everywhere for them, we finally went to an upscale home improvement store. There we found someone who told us that they did  have them. He took me to another department, and showed me a huge RAT TRAP?! ? I tried to explain that the mice would run right through the bars, and anyway, my goal was to KILL the creature, not adopt him!  

But, the rats are not funny, and some areas have quite a few. The Elders tell me that they are as big as cats. So, we give them rat poison, and also some education on how to keep the apartments clean and food properly disposed of and garbage out of the place.  

As for Squirrels, they are all around. At least, the figurative kind. Sister Jensen used to despair over Elder keeping on track in a conversation or, for that matter, on a task. He jumped all over. So, When he was off again, she would shake her head and say, "Squirrel." She meant, like a dog that you are walking, When he sees a squirrel he is going to go chase it. Well, we find that in the Philippines, there is something to catch your attention and distract you nearly every minute! So, we are ALWAYS interrupting each other, or misplacing things, or forgetting things. We just shake our heads, and say "SQUIRREL".  

So, here are some from this week: Squirrels to the right of us, Squirrels to the left of us, squirrels  in front and squirrels behind. Always things to distract us.

All of these are just a few minutes driving in traffic on C5, the major highway that runs E / W in front of our neighborhood. The vendors walk Between the cars,selling everything from cold water and cigarettes to hot roasted peanuts, ice cream snacks, and sweat rags and rugs.  Also brooms, baskets, etc.  
The trikes Deliver boat loads of stuff, the motorcycles and bicycles zip in and out between the cars and run right past you.  

Jollibee and Friends entertaining in the mall to an ocean of excited children.

 School just let out, and an army of high school students is marching up the road with no concern at all for the traffic.  They walk right in front of you.  Just FYI, courtship looks exactly the same!!

EVERYTHING you  I ever  Never want to know about bedbugs!

Before They left, the Horsleys had been dealing with a bedbug infestation in the apartments. They got things settled, but warned us and left us information.  Of course, being an optimist, I expected to never use it.  

This week, we heard from three different apartments that they have bedbugs. This is not an easy fix. First, they go from one apartment to another, every transfer. So, we really need to get it solved before they travel again, and take them along. Second, new mattresses are expensive, and a waste of money if they do not eradicate the bugs. Third, many of them are still learning pretty basic hygiene, since they came from such difficult circumstances.  

Some of them are allergic to the bites, which causes another serious problem of treating the results.  
The literature tells you to "wash everything in Hot Water."  Don't have that.  :"Call a professional exterminator".  Don't have that, either.
They have to make the time to heat water, and wash sheets, towels, and clothing  and hang outside in the sun to dry.  Then spray mattresses with Permethrin, and take them outside in the sun to dry all day.  Then brush the mattress vigorously with a stiff brush.  Respray mattress and spray all their bedding and clothing, and let it dry before they wear or use it.  
My Poor Elder scratched all night, just thinking about it!  

We did have some fun, too! Friday night our new branch had a "Couples Night", for Valentine's Day. The Johnsons and Jardines joined us, since they work with the missionaries in that zone.  It was supposed to start at 7:00, but it really began about 7:45, when they insisted we go ahead and eat.  The others were just late.  So, we did.  First we took some pictures.  This is not a good one of us, but see the ICE SCULPTURE!  Wow!

Things are very different in this branch. They decorated the hall.

And had a food table with tablecloths and treats. 

Music, and dancing, and games, and VIDEO entertainment during dinner.  We didn't win the games.
We had a very nice time, and didn't get home into bed until nearly midnight!  Even then, they thought we were leaving early, and had to jiggle their plans a little bit.

This is not a good picture either, but it is Branch President Soriano and his wife.  On the right are the Jardines.  They are really good dancers.

Here is some happy news. Although this is a very strong branch, like a tiny ward at home, it seems there is still something we can offer. Subject to Pres. Revillo's approval, we have each been given a calling.  We are glad.  And, mine is something I have never done before, and Elder has not had this calling for a very long time.  So, go ahead and guess, and we will reveal it next week if we are sustained!


  1. I'm guessing something in young women's for you, and scouts for dad. My memory isn't good enough to remember what you guys have or haven't done, but those are my guesses! :)

  2. I know that JoAnn has been in lots of different organizations in our ward so maybe it is somethng specific like a Relief Society instructor that you haven't done before. For Roger maybe a Sunday School teacher like Gospel Doctrine?? Whatever it is you will both be a blessing to the branch!

  3. A calling you have never had? Janitor? For Dad I guess young men's president.