Saturday, April 18, 2015


What is the definition of "trunky"?????

We are still having lots of fun, and managing to stay MOSTLY out of trouble.  

There was a zone activity: 

Elder Ah Hong showing off
All the guys enjoying the sun and the exercise
The other team, huddling for a game plan......

And another transfer:
Tables all set at the Mission Home for a brand new batch of heroes:

Resting and exhausted crew on their way home tomorrow  and the APs and TAs working out all the logistics with me.
 Another trip to the War Memorial. After we leave, there won't be a senior Elder to replace Elder Schlager and do this presentation every transfer.  He has done a good job with that.

Palm Sunday 
We had a FHE in Sampaloc the day before Easter.  Elder and I prepared the lesson, and helped with the food (we brought the Ice Cream, a challenge, all the way from Manila!)

Our makeshift screen for the videos we showed (Because of Him, and Because He Lives) 
(our children used to love to make shadow puppets in our home movies, just like this little guy)

The talent part of the show:
Youth sang:

President Dollete played the guitar and sang for us:
These two little guys, sang "I am a Child of God"  (see Eunice Ann on the keyboard to the right behind them?)
They are the grandsons of a recent convert

Our missionaries did a "skit",  ZOMBIES.  
One of the things I love most about the Filipino People is their simple joy.  They know how to have fun with nothing more than a little time and a little ingenuity.

We played some games:
For this one, you need some raw spaghetti.  You give a piece to each team of two, and they hold it between their cheeks and walk to the finish line.  Elder Blessent and Elder Condesa are not the same size!  
We did it as a relay, and the team with the most unbroken pieces deposited at the finish line won.  

Can you find the spaghetti between the two teammates?  

Easter Sunday, of course, was not General Conference for us.  I took hard boiled eggs to Primary, and they colored them.  Here they are with their projects completed.  They were supposed to take them home, but.,,,,,,,even after their snacks, this was too much temptation for them.   When I asked one of them where her egg was, she just pointed at her stomach.

The Day after Easter, Elder and I decided to have a "spur of the moment" Senior FHE.  I went to the PAO and begged for a copy of the Conference DVDs from Production.  Then we invited Pecks, Johnsons, and Sheffers to join us for a "BYOT" (Bring your own toppings) Salad Bar.  I got some good bread, made a huge green salad, and we all sat down to eat and enjoy a session of Conference together.
Without mentioning any names, I will confess that there was a small amount of snoozing going on as well.  Monday night, in the dark, after a meal and a long work day, tends to do that to the elderly!

Speaking of the elderly:

Here is your first funny story this week.   Elder and I park in a garage under our building.  There are 4 basement floors; our rented space is in the middle of the second basement, B2.  We drive in and around and around to get down there.  Then, we park the car and walk to the elevator to go up to the 15th floor.  One night we must have been distracted, because we parked in space 128, got out, locked the car, walked to the elevator. When we got there, it seemed just a little odd to me.  I said, "Are we on the right floor"?   Elder, a little grumpy after driving, as always, said, "What makes you say that.?"  So, I looked around a little, and finally said, ,"We are on B3".  Well, he didn't believe me and I had to convince him.  Then we went back, got the car, and drove up a floor and parked again in space 128.   
Not a big deal, right?  Except, suppose we had not noticed?  Then next morning, (assuming no one noticed during the night, which here in the Philippines is not likely) we would have gone down to B2.  No red car in space 128!  We might have thought it was stolen.  Worse, we would have had NO idea where we left it!

General Conference in Morong District, allowed us to spend Sunday with our friends from all over the district .  Here is Marivic  with Moroni and Maria Jane.
Between the two sessions. Most people got on jeeps and trikes and went home.  The Sunday afternoon session was mainly us and all the missionaries.  We drove our four home to Sampaloc afterward.  They don't mind our small back seat with AirCon as much as a really crowded jeepney in the heat, and it is a much quicker trip for them.  We left home that morning about 7:30 and got home again about 6:30 pm.

We had a birthday cake for Elders Smith and Rawson.  Notice the blue furniture.

When we came in to the office one year ago, 

President Revillo asked me, "what does it need?"  I told him, "It's dirty!"  And is was.  Too many months since a woman had been there and too much instability with the young office Elders coming and going.  Well, we had it cleaned, they did some touch up paining, and I asked them to shampoo the furniture.  They did that, but the dirt was "clear to the bone", as they say.  The tables were damaged by hot and wet items, ( I found table covers to protect them)
the walls were grey from the air pollution.  This year, we got the news that it was our turn to get some help.  They have been painting the offices, (and if you think it has been fun working around THAT, you must be taking something really strong for your nerves!)  
Elder Rawson and I, at Sister Revillo's request, looked at samples and chose new upholstery.   
It is a beautiful Teal in a heavy Naugahyde that we can actually scrub.  Of course, that opens another whole area of concern for the mission "grandma".
  There are small signs around the office now, 
"Elder and Sisters,
Sharp objects will damage the new upholstery"

(Well, it could be worse.  I considered, "It if is sharper than your tooshie, don't put it on the couches!" 

One More funny story for you:

Can this marriage be saved?

Unlike many senior missionaries, we have the privilege of being in or at the temple fairly often and regularly.   One day there, I noticed this pretty bride, all decked out and ready for her sealing.  She really is lovely.  But when we came out, here they were, outside.  The photographer was waiting.  The guests were standing around, waiting.  Her groom, here, was holding her flowers and waiting .  The Bride was on her cell phone.  
This is not my idea of a good start---am I just old-fashioned?

So, are we trunky?  What do you think?

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