Friday, March 20, 2015

WITH Transfers coming up again next week, we had a little bit of time to rest before the onslaught.   

Just as well, we both got sick again with the dreaded "looks like a bad cold, sounds like a bad cold, but most likely ISN'T a bad cold"  allergies from the air quality here.  It probably is a good thing we are going home in May.  We seem to be more susceptible all the time to the smog and mold, etc.  Anyway, we had a little fun, and are still getting better, but should be fine for the deluge about to hit us.

I have been trying to get straight information for President about the incoming missionaries this time.  We received notification of 3 coming on a temporary assignment---all Filipino elders.  Three extra new ones makes a major difference to the transfer.  Then, we learned one was not coming.  Then yesterday, the new IFR was STILL trying to find out anything he could about the other two.  (Not to mention somewhat tired of me.  I just told him that now he knows why Elder Ferrin ran away to another mission!  To rest from me!) We finally learned this morning, that the other two got visas and will be going to the US and not coming to us.  ARGHHHHHHHHH!   Poor President is in Mindoro for Zone Interviews.  But now he can complete his transfer, at least.  

Every transfer has a new challenge.  It if isn't immigration and no passports, it is travel and no itineraries, (last time), or storms and no way to get them out.  

This is one of Imelda Marcos' Palaces.  It is just down the street from the Mission Home, and a short walk from the Temple.  They have been cleaning it up and making it beautiful again for about a year.

We had an unexpected Branch Conference in Sampaloc.  Elder was supposed to speak, but instead he had to conduct.  All the District Leaders were there.  We filled the chairs and were upstairs and out the door.   

We taught two more classes to the people preparing for the temple.

We made another trip to the Almocera family, with the new wheels for the wheelchair.

This is Sister 
Almocera with her younger granddaughter.  She is three, and a pistol, believe me!   Her daddy is putting on the new wheels.

And here is Guianne, all buckled in and comfortable.   I tried and tried to get her to look at me, but she just couldn't do it.  We were able to meet  her mother this time, too.

WE had another Senior FHE, at the mission home this time.  I DON'T know how Sister Revillo does it all.  It was supposed to be a "planned pot luck"  of soups and salad and ice cream, and we all did our part and then some.  But she still cooked a full meal for us, as well.! (Her own soup and salad, plus rice, of course, and fried chicken and home made cookies)

Beautifully set and decorated table for us.  (This is the BEFORE picture)
Sisters in the Kitchen.

Elders standing around waiting to be fed like birds waiting for the worm to show up.
A birthday cake for Elder Johnson.

This is the "during" picture:  Sister and President Revillo, Sister and Elder Johnson. Elder and Sister Sheffer, Sister and Elder Peck, Elder and Sister Schlager, and Elder and Sister Jose. (They serve as missionaries, and he is the First Counselor in the Mission Presidency, but they live here and are still working.)

And here is the "after" picture.  Lots of fun, lots of information, too much food.  We all sort of staggered out to the conference room for a "write your own history" activity.  

Here is a true Senior Missionary story for you,

As you know, Elder Schlager and I try to get SOME regular exercise.  It is highly recommended to all of us, and most of us do have a plan we work at.  The church even has provided, in the past, some incentives.  Like the small trampoline in our apartment, which I immediately hid and then donated to someone braver.  

Before they came on their mission, one couple we love decided to "get in shape".  They told their children they were going to buy a treadmill, and asked for suggestions and did their research.  Then, the day came, and they went to get it.  All five of their kids were supportive and excited.  That night, they called:
"Did you get your treadmill?"

Mom:  "Come and see!"

So they all showed up, and this is what they found:
No treadmill!  Two beautiful recliners!   



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