Friday, January 9, 2015


On New Year's Eve:

We were all supposed to be in by 5:00 pm. So, we worked, and then went home to party.  The Johnsons came in to spend the night with us, and we went to dinner.  Mexican!  Yummy!  Then we visited with Morrellos at their apartment:  Apple pie and Ice Cream.  Then, at 11:15, we met the Whittakers, and went to their 5th floor garden level to watch the fireworks.  (Might as well---nobody was going to sleep through THAT!
Got to bed at 1:30, got up at 5:00. No one can say we Seasoned Missionaries do not work  play hard!

On New Year's Day, 

we took the day off. Johnsons were celebrating their anniversary, and had not been out to Corregidor. So, four couples got up very early, and we got on the ferry and had a great time.   
Here are Elder and Sister Sheffer, Elder and Sister Peck,  Me, and Elder and Sister Johnson, and the door to one of the armory tunnels. (Not one of my better days---I look like I barely survived the war.) That island is riddled with tunnels, tiny and huge. When the Japanese came, they dug a lot more, sort of "fox hole" tunnels.  The government is still finding them. Corregidor Island is a National Park now. No one in lives there.      
It is a combination of natural beauty and sad commentary on the inhumanity of war.   

This is Jhazmay, nearly two.  We met her while walking on the street near our office.  There is a foundation here, Mabuhay Deseret, that provides surgery for cleft palate, club foot, and other needs of children in the Philippines.
Her mother and friend did not speak much English, but we got them to follow us to the office, where our Sister missionaries could talk to them.  We have referred her to Mabuhay, and hope that her surgery can be done before we go home.   Incidentally, we fell in love.  They had to hold her still so I could get a picture of her for the referral.  She was bouncing all over the office.  We gave her an orange, and she thought it was a ball, and kept trying to bounce it!


We had MLC.  All the Zone Leaders and Sister Training Leaders meet with the President and APs for training and planning.  Sister Revillo always does a fabulous lunch for them, to which we are invited.  This time, they planned some fun for after the meetings.  
Bowling at the Eastwood Mall, where we live.  

Here are the leaders of our mission---great teachers.  Not so good at bowling!
I teased the Sisters a little bit.  They had changed to jeans, (for modesty, I am sure!) but the Elders still had their ties on. 
They had a great time.  
Then they picked up their mail and orders from us, (changed to skirts!)  and took taxis back to their areas.  

This one is deceptive.  President looks so serious, like he is working in the midst of the party.  Don't believe it.  He is studying the scores, and guess who won?   HE DID!  highest score of the night.  He likes getting strikes.  And there are good reasons for 50 year old Mission Presidents.  He keeps up with them very well!

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