Sunday, October 5, 2014


Every year the Philippines Government decrees a Family Week. (Not so foreign to those of us from Blue Springs).

The church units hold a "family day" in September, on a Saturday.  Last year we attended with Morong District in Teresa.  This year it was in Malaya, and we were glad to have a reason to go see all our friends there.  
Of course, everyone is invited.  They came in jeepneys from all the other branches in the District.  
Our Binangonan Branch settled in comfortably for the day under the trees. ( there are quite a lot more resources in our branch.)
It was very well attended, in spite of being at the very edge of the District.  No AirCon either!  We arrived late.  It was a long drive to Malaya when we lived in Antipolo and worked out there.  But it is a VERY LONG drive from Eastwood. 
There were workshops for things like Family History, and ping pong games and volley ball games, and then each branch had a picnic with their own group.  and the entertainment began.  
Master of Ceremonies/announcer

There was singing,
 And Dancing,,,,

And Skits, and we even took part in the program.  All of the full-time missionaries, about 20 of us, sang, "Families Can Be Together Forever".  
Sorry, no photos of that, we were all busy!

When we left at about 4:00, the outside games were beginning.  Basketball, etc.  Races, too, I think.  A really good time for everyone who could be there.   

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