Friday, September 19, 2014

Binangonan Branch Primary Sacrament Meeting Program

Saturday, Sept. 14, 2014

And there they are ---my primary. They practiced for 4 weeks, and they were totally awesome!  They came dressed up for the program, boys in white shirts with ties, and girls in white dresses,  and the presidency then put bright bows in their hair and little sequined butterfly pins on them to make them sparkle.  The one in yellow in the middle, Jhasmine, was baptized the night before and confirmed that day.  (Convert baptism.  She did not get the memo about wearing white.)  
We were so proud of them. They knew their lines, they sang like troupers for me, and they tried so hard to do it right.
How long, in the US, do you think a primary would have to practice to learn their lines and their songs in Tagalog?  

As they were filing off the stand, arms folded, reverently (!),  one of the counselors said to me, "they really are angels."  And they are, of course.
Here is our naughtiest  littlest angel.  She is nursery, and she announced the songs for us.  Good thing I knew what was coming next!  

Then we went down to the Primary Room and I taught them a cheer:

We learned our lines
We sang our songs, 
We made our teachers proud of us.

While they were practicing that, the presidency served a lunch they had prepared for them.

Spaghetti with hot dogs in it
Egg salad sandwiches
Ice cream!
They were really, really, hungry!  
Here they are, enjoying their reward. BTW, we were all directed to dress up, too.  White skirts and pink, blue, or purple blouses. I didn't eat any spaghetti.  Guess who was the only one to manage to get spaghetti sauce on her white skirt?

They were so proud of themselves, that they were really, really happy, and full of love that day.  It just kept spilling out all over me.

Lucky me!

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