Sunday, July 6, 2014

Independence Day
4th of July 

As you see, there is a LITTLE Bit of recognition here.  The store where we mostly shop, sort of a Walmart kind of place, had a display of the (few) American products they carry in honor of the day.  No deals, though!  Things like Ragu Spaghetti sauce, Newman's Own salad dressing, some Campbell's soups, and some Mars Candy.  
In fact, the American Embassy does a fundraiser event, in a huge upscale mall, for families.  That was on Saturday, the 5th.   We considered going, as it would have been fun to feel AMERICAN for a few hours.  In the end, we had to make time to get some shopping done and some errands run, and to attend another baptism. 
Here is a SELFIE of my much much needed haircut! (With the requested smile, girlfriend!)

Before we came, our son-in-law told us, "They have four seasons!.  Hot and hotter, and Wet and wetter".  Well, we are definitely into the Wetter Season.  The rains have begun, and we get some every  day.  Driving home the other night, the highway was running with about 6 inches of water.  It comes down so fast, and there is just no where to go.  The little neighborhoods turn into mud baths.  However, the hills and valleys are green again, and I am glad the rain has come.

So, here is the first story this week.  With the flights to MIndoro so limited, keeping our mission connected to them down there is TOUGH.  Our first counselor in the Mission Presidency (President Heywood) goes home this  week.  Elder Barlow is replacing him.  So. they we went to Mindoro on Monday morning to begin getting adjusted.  I had arranged for President, Sister, the APs, two STLs, and the Mindoro Zone Leaders to fly down early Friday, so they could hold District Conference and Zone Interviews and all come home on Monday, when the Heywoods come.
Good plan.  Bad weather.  They got up at 3:00, drove to the airport, sat in the plane for an hour under torrential rains, and then the flight was cancelled.  They all had to drive back in awful rain, and begin re-planning everything.  
"Sister Schlager, None of us made it to Mindoro.  Please get a plane on Sunday for the ZLs and another missionary, trying to go home from his mission."
Another good plan, except all the passengers on the cancelled Friday flight immediately booked the Sunday Flight.  No way, until Monday, to get them back home.

I cancelled flights, informed Travel of new dates, cancelled hotel reservations, and we started all over again.  

I have officially gained 5 pounds since we came to the city.  ARGHHHHHHH!

Too much food, too much sitting, too little exercise.  But Elder and I are turning over a new leaf, and we have been swimming every day.  
Turns out, we enjoy it very much.  ANY plan that we don't have to drag each other to is a win for us!  We didn't realize what a good workout that is.  We are both feeling it in lots of places we didn't expect.  But we feel better, too.  
One day, we even got on the treadmill first.
So, with two showers every day, and a swim, and all the rain, maybe I haven't gained at all.  Maybe I am just waterlogged???? 
When we go down to swim, there is a dance class going on.  One of these ladies is 90, the one in front is 87.  They keep inviting us to join them.  I played with them a couple of times, just for fun.

We did finally get out and do some food shopping, which was overdo.  We spent a small fortune, but should be well stocked for quite some time, except for fresh things.  I wish we could just do like the Filipinos, and shop daily for each meal.  But no time, and I like to cook early for days at a time.  Here are some things we saw while out:

You put coins in this to make it go, but unlike the horses at the grocery store, it REALLY goes, and the children drive them around.
This is a quartet in the courtyard at the Mall, all blind.  They had a box there for donations.  Good music, too.
And then, it was Saturday Night , and time for another Baptism in our branch.  We got there too late to get them in their white clothes.  Difficult trip down.  What the Filipinos always call
"little bet trapic!"  But this was just touching.  The mother is from a large, active family.  She has been less active for some time.  The missionaries visited, and basically explained that she had a duty to teach her children the gospel and get them to church.  She began teaching them, but she wanted them to join when they were ready.  It has been about a year, but with her helping them.  Her children, Misael, 12, Misaela, 11, and Elias 9.

These two. of course, are in the Primary.  They are delightful children, and SO HAPPY to finally be baptized and confirmed.  They all bore their testimonies at the baptism, and then their mother.  She spoke in Tagalog, of course, but almost exclusively to them, on the front row.  It was so tender, to watch her, teaching her children right there, with all of us looking on.  Really beautiful.                                                                                                              And, just for fun, please note that both boys are wearing ties given by us, and donated by some of you!  Thank you, Salamat!  They loved them.  Also gave them 'The New Era" and The Friend.  They were reading them today in Primary!

.We love you all, and we love our Mission.  How blessed we are.

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