Sunday, May 4, 2014

Life in the office is not boring ........

There is too much that we do not know how to do, and learning it all is taking a toll on us!  But, with lots of help from the patient office elders and the AP's, we ARE learning.  
One of the new responsbilities that Elder S has, is to keep the President's organization boards, in his two offices, up to date with pictures and transfers and new positions that they hold.  (ZL, DL, Trainer, STL, etc.)
He has an entirely new kind of work bench:   

He's gone from power tools to a paper cutter and a laminator, (is THAT a power tool?), and from staple gun to glue gun!   I think none of our children expected Dad to become a "scrapper"!  
Even though we are in the city, mostly, and not in the car much, we still see entertaining sights and learn new things every day.   

Here is one kind of Filipino delivery truck, and he was just a few blocks from our office.
Even here in the city, infrastructure has a completely  different look.  Do you see why the storms are so devastating?  It doesn't take much to take this stuff out!   

And, of course, there is the familiar, as well!
ON SUNDAY, we were at the Johnson's house for dinner.  There had been some problems in the branch out there.  These are the people we love, and it was worrisome for us.  There had been some misunderstandings, and then things were said which shouldn't be, and the hurt feelings, and it was a mess.  So, Johnsons asked them to come for "Family Home Evening", and invited us, too. Also the poor Branch President and his wife, who were dealing with it all.  
Even here, and maybe more so, because their experience and understanding is so shallow, members of the church can be pretty hard on each other.  Why IS that????
 It was pretty sticky at first, and a lot was said in Tagalog that I am sure we are GLAD we didn't understand.  But, in the end, everyone was laughing and happy and ready to try again.  Here they are, ready to go home and try harder.  Juhn and Marivic, Vanessa and Dexter, Sally and Ernesto Andreas, Abba and Lisa, and President and his wife.  Big party.  Sister Johnson is a miracle.  

What I did this week was:  

Take the Barlow's for a drive out to Sampaloc, to show them the country and take some things to our newly endowed family and also to a missionary. ( His mother, in Canada, sent a Huge Box; I was pretty sure she was in it!  But, we had to open it and repack in smaller boxes to get it in the trunk.  No mom, just lots of things for him and the members. He said, "this is just embarrassing")
Learn to use Mail Merge, and create, print, and mail LOTS of letters. 
Print the Missionary Recommendations for all twelve of the missionaries arriving next month, and create their files.
Request shuttles, and air plane tickets, from travel office, for lots of different things.
Order through the Global Visa Management (world-wide church program we use to manage ALL the missionaries) the travel arrangements for those going home this time.
Work on the ever-present and never-to-be-completed immigration forms, etc.  (This is becoming more and more of a problem.)  
Fill the candy bowl on my desk 3 times a day!  They have an endless capacity to come in and enjoy that little treat.
Try to get a little exercise in now and then---not too successful!
Eat far more sugar than is good for me, but I think I may have that under control, now that the stress levels are ebbing.

On Sunday we left very early with Whittakers and drove to Morong to District Conference.  That was great.  We had Elder Perez of the Seventy to speak to us, and saw old friends from all over the district.  Then we drove to Sampaloc and had a picnic, and went out to Aguilars to teach the final Temple Preparation lesson.  His parents and sister and brother were there, also her mother and two missionaries.  They are all going back to the temple this week for a Branch Temple trip, and they are really excited.  What fun this all is!

On the way home, we went to see a "resort" that they are going to take the youth to on Wed.  The Whittakers, the Johnsons, and the Jardines all were given a program, they all having workshops to do!  Nobody was asked or invited, just told.  "It's the Filipino way".  But Sister Whittaker wanted to see if they could go up the night before, and stay.  It is going to be a long way in the dark and very early Wed morning, but, I think they decided not to stay up there.

                                                                                                                                                                                        See the water bottle lantern?
As you can see, the view is spectacular, and the pool looked nice.  There is a zip line down to it!  
But this is the kitchen, seating area.  See the small refrigerator on the counter?  
It actually had a room with a queen sized bed. (And a mural on the wall.)  Or, there was a room with 7 cots.  All three couples could stay there together!  This room, though, is over $100.   Can you believe ?  We couldn't.  

GUESS WHAT?   There is a family in Teresa who needs a house.  Juhn and Dexter are ready to take on the project.  We would like to HELP with that project.  And, we thought some others might like to help, also.  If you would like to contribute to giving three families employment, and another family a home to live in, let us know!   


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