Saturday, September 7, 2013

September 7, 2013

This has been a busy week, too.  It also contained some fun things, and some sad things.  Most of the people in our class went on to the field by Mon or Tues.  127 new seniors came in on Monday, really too many to get to know anyone well when we only shared meals with them.  They are inspiring, though!  27 of them will follow us into office training next week.

There were only 6 of us this week, and we were pretty able mostly.  We spent the week learning to use the internet mission office system, which is a program through which most of the work of the mission office is conducted.  We were able to access, and work in, the actual mission to which we are assigned.  The other couples are going to Jacksonville, FL and to Dallas/Ft Worth. We took the picture behind the computers, because they were a very big part of the class!
Again, really incredible teachers, all of whom worked in the offices of their own missions, and learned in the field.
We also had some visitors, who sprung us from the MTC cafeteria.  (Food is not bad, but not really planned for those of us 65. Friday night is Papa John's pizza!)  My uncle drove down on Tuesday, and took us to dinner, which we enjoyed very much.
We completed our work on Thursday, and had Friday, our anniversary to enjoy being together, finish up our preparations, attend the temple, and have dinner with Ken and Janene, who kindly took us to dinner to celebrate. 
It has been so beautiful here, all the time.  We have walked all over, enjoying the weather and the area.  The missionaries are wonderful.  We get stopped all the time, as people ask us where we are going, and wish us well.
Tonight, we catch a train to the airport, and then fly all night to Hong Kong, and then on to Manila.  We will be counting on the Travel Office to have worked it all out for us---We don't know what we are doing!!
Next week, our work begins.